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Primer model de rinomanòmetre

Comentari del primer model de rinomanòmetre presentat per Cottle

El model fou ideat per M. Cottle i P. Cole. Fou un primer intent per intentar objectivar la permeabilitat nasal. Retenim diversos fragments significatius al voltant de la rinomanometría de textes de M. Cottle, que tenen un considerable valor històric.

" This is a time in the history of medicine when a seminar on respiration includes, besides the usual discussion of pulmonary and cardiac physiology, presentations of nasal physiology, naso-pulmonary and naso-cardiovascular relationships, naso-antral breathing and the reflex neurological connections between the nose and near and distant organs."

"....the study of the lungs and heart and other parts of the body which play important roles in breathing has expanded into an enormous coordinated scientific abundance of cardio-pulmonary and cerebral physiological investigations ... The role of the nose in the vital function of breathing has been grossly neglected to the detriment of the welfare of ours patients....causing an impedance to progress in rhinologic diagnosis and nasal medical and surgical therapy."

"Many clinicians, physiologists, and physicists throughout the world are building up an enormous fund of information on the identifying and measuring of nasal activities and characteristics and it won’t be long before it will become inexorably incumbent upon every doctor to include in the total evaluation of a patient’s health the estimation of nasal functions disturbance. Then, as a matter of course, every rhinologist will be expected to be able to give a detailed and critical diagnostic opinion of the functioning of the nose in addition to the present day practice of just describing anatomical variations."

Maurice H. Cottle M.D.

Extret literalment dels apunts de un Curs del Prof. M. Cottle on va assistir el Dr. J. M. Montserrat Viladiu.
"The work, ways and patterns of nasal breathing".
New Orleans, Louisiana, September, 19, 1972.



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